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Yes, there are certain precautions for people taking Homeopathic treatment. Taking a gap between a meal and the medicines, between two Homeopathic medicines, etc., are some commonly suggested precautions; however, your Homeopathic doctor provides you with specific instructions and precautions while giving you the medicines.

At Excel Pharma, we use the highest-grade and import-quality raw ingredients and pure herbs from authentic sources and prepare our medicines using the Hahnemannian methods. We are a GMP-certified company and follow the standards and guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India in our methods. We are committed to providing you with a product with significantly better therapeutic efficacy, and that too, at competitive prices.

No. We are not selling any German Homeopathic medicines online, through retail, or any other channel.

Though the Science & the Art of Homeopathy originated in Germany, it does not mean that all Indian Homeopathic medicines are made in Germany or made as per German standards. We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of Homeopathic medicines which are made as per the standards of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India.

You can use the Drop-Down function on our website to browse through Human Health and Veterinary Health menus on the top of our website. Here you can find different sections of our medicines, like Drops, Syrups, Potentized Medicines, and Mother Tinctures. Alternatively, you can also click the Disease menu, where you can find disease-wise Homeopathic medicines. Lastly, you can type and search for the medicine name of the disease name in the Search bar on the top right corner and find the medicines you are looking for.

Yes, we are also seeing patients have our clinic named Remedy Homeo House, located in Chandigarh, India. Here, we provide consultation as well as medicines to our patients. We also provide consultation over voice and video calls, WhatsApp, and email.

Delivering your medicines usually takes our Courier Partners 3 to 4 days. However, the shipping time is subject to change due to various factors.

A Single Remedy is simply a Homeopathic medicine containing one ingredient only and targeting any given set of symptoms of a health problem. Mother Tinctures and Dilutions are single remedies. A speciality product, and in our case, a Branded Drop and Syrup, are medicines that can have multiple ingredients and target the problem from different angles.

Homeopathic medicines are safe. Even if the kids have accidentally taken a larger quantity of medicine, you don’t have to worry. Coffee works as an antidote to Homeopathic medicines. Give your kid a cup of strong coffee to drink and a lot of liquids to drink. Keep a watch for discomforting symptoms. If any such symptom is seen, immediately see your Homeopathic physician.

All our medicines are over-the-counter medicines (OTC medicines). You do not need any prescription to buy our medicines. However, to discourage self-medication, we always recommend you consult your Homeopathic physician before you buy these medicines or call us for the consultation and recommendation of the medicines.

Yes, Homeopathic medicines are safe and are even safer compared to conventional medicines. They are free from side effects if taken under the supervision of a qualified homeopath; that is why we recommend to take a piece of advice from a Homeopathic physician before taking Homeopathic medicines.

You can get medicines from our website https://www.excelpharma.co.in/. We are also available on different online portals like 1mg, Healthmug, etc., from where you can buy our Homeopathic medicines.

Yes, you can order our medicines internationally through our international delivery partner – Distacart. Please note that for international deliveries, Distacart procures our medicines and reinspects them before packing and sending them to your destination. So, Excel Pharma shall not be held liable for any type of breakage or delivery-related issues if you are ordering from a country other than India, and Distacart shall do all settlements.

Order on Distacart here – https://www.distacart.com/en-in

There is nothing to be worried about if you miss any dose. Just take the next dose normally. Do not increase the dose, and do not take medicine extra time.
Mother Tinctures are the ethanolic extracts of herbs, minerals, and animal sources. We prepare mother tinctures as per the standards of Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. The medicinal ingredient is present in 1 gm/10ml of the mother tincture preparation.Dilutions are preparations made by subjecting the mother tinctures to the process of potentization.
Yes, adults and children are given the same medicines if they are suffering from the same diseases, but the dose of the medicines needs to be adjusted, which is the responsibility of your Homeopathic physician.
Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler formulated and started using 12 minerals called Primary Tissues Salts in the 19th century. These salts support the body’s health and healing ability by regulating the mineral levels of the cells. These are also called Schussler’s Salts or Biochemics.
You must contact our customer care to know the status of your refund.
You can make payment for your order by one of the following modes:
  • NET Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • UPI Apps (e.g., Google Pay, Paytm)
It may be due to some technical issues; please try ordering again after some time.
You will receive an email about the confirmation of your order. You can also go to My Account > Orders to check the status of your order.
We charge ₹ 60 as the delivery charge for each order. Delivery is free on orders of ₹ 500 or more.
In case of a wrong product sent or leakage/breakage of the medicine container, your order amount will be refunded. The refund will be initiated in 5-7 working days, and the amount will be credited directly into your bank account.
No, you cannot place an order through email. You can order your medicine directly from our website. In case you are having some difficulty in ordering (except for your bank account or account balance-related issues), you can call us on our numbers. We will share with you our UPI ID on which you will have to make the payment and send us the screenshot. After we have received the payment, we will dispatch your order to your provided address.
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