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Our Technology

State of the art Technology

Excel Pharma is committed to the task of “No Compromise with Quality” and has therefore put in meticulous efforts during the planning stage of their plant.

Great emphasis has been laid on hygiene and maintaining a bacteria and dust free environment. In order to avoid contamination, the structure has been designed in such a way that every accessory like air conditioning, electrical supply, hot water, cold water, DM water and distilled water, etc all that is required in the manufacturing area come through the technical floor. The technical floor has been laid just above the manufacturing area yet it is separate from the manufacturing area. The production area has “Epoxy” flooring and rounded corners to prevent dust particles from settling on the floor. The technical floor has Air Handling Units (AHUs). Fresh air changes take place frequently in each Air Handling Unit. Especially designed NASA patented air filters have also been installed in the plant to ensure total bacterial elimination in the filling area. Apart from use of genuine raw materials in their unit and a carefully planned facility makes Excel Pharma’s potentised medicines superior to other dilutions available in the market.

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