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Lifestyle Diseases

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What are the types of Lifestyle diseases and their complications?

The human body is made to perform sophisticated functions. The posture of the body, the food one consumes, the daily routine of a person, the involvement of lack of physical exercises in the routine, and many other parameters decide the lifestyle of a person. A poor or unhealthy lifestyle may lead to the manifestation of certain lifestyle diseases in the person. One can get rid of these diseases by simply correcting his or her lifestyle, but often the chronic condition or a worsened lifestyle disease may be hard to cure and can be disabling for some.

Lifestyle diseases affecting the bones and muscles

A sedentary lifestyle may lead to decreased muscle strength and bone health. People who do exercise regularly are less susceptible to bone diseases than the people who rarely exercise or do not exercise at all. Examples of lifestyle diseases affecting bone and muscle health are – cervical spondylitis, acute or chronic lower back pain, frozen shoulder in women, and lack of body flexibility, etc. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have a lack of muscle coordination, and they may be prone to certain problems, like easy joint dislocation, bones prone to breaking with mild impact, and muscle cramps. A lack of calcium in the diet may also lead to weaker bones.

Effect of lifestyle diseases on the respiratory system

The people who do not include physical exercise in their daily routine are susceptible to respiratory diseases also. Physical exercise causes the respiratory tract to frequently expand and contract as a result of the heavy breathing by physical workout. This results in healthy lungs and increases the vital capacity of the lungs to inhale and carry oxygen efficiently. Healthy lungs also effectively excrete harmful gases out of the body. People who do not exercise regularly or do not have any type of physical activity may have a decreased vital capacity, tidal volume, etc, which results in a decreased stamina. Moreover, the air passages may also lose a significant amount of elasticity, and get clogged with dust and pollutants easily. Such people with a sedentary lifestyle have poor respiratory health, and can get easily affected by problems like cold, flu, cough, allergy, tiredness, and decreased work efficiency. Oxygen is also responsible for carrying iron into the bloodstream, and an inefficient respiratory system may also contribute to circulatory diseases like anemia. Such people are often affected by respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, etc.

Lifestyle diseases and the Heart and Kidney health

Lifestyle diseases associated with the cardiovascular system are atherosclerosis, anemia, hypertension, hypotension, angina, and myocardial infarction, etc. Consumption of high amounts of refined sugar products, refined flour, fiber-deficient and baked foods, large amounts of meat, and consumption of alcohol, etc, are responsible for a variety of problems, that may severely and adversely affect the health of the heart and the kidneys. People who lead such a lifestyle, where they are eating more junk, and less healthy food, and simultaneously, are not exercising regularly are prone to these types of diseases. The arteries and veins may get clogged with fat in such people leading to atherosclerosis. A high amount of bad cholesterol may lead to other types of problems associated with heart health, as well. Other than that, the kidneys, which are specialized organs of the body to filter waste and harmful material out of the body can not work properly due to poor physical activity. The nephrons of the kidneys may have to filter out toxins and other waste material, like large protein particles, which in turn may damage the nephrons and lead to a variety of renal impairments.

Lifestyle diseases affecting the brain and the cognitive ability of a person

People who are awake till late at night, may wake up late in the morning, and feel tiredness throughout the day. As opposed to such people, the ones who go to bed early and wake up early, feel refreshed with fewer hours of sleep, and can easily spare time to exercise in the morning time. This will not only help them lead an active life, but the adequate hours of activity result in overall higher stamina. People who spend hours playing video games, or watching television, may be prone to a variety of cognitive disorders and may find it hard to keep up with the challenges of daily life. In simple words, the intelligence level, and cognitive functions of the people who lead such a life, are poor. Moreover, the people who spend most of their time on screen, or alone, may find it difficult to get involved in social settings conveniently. Spending a long time on the screen may also affect the eyes badly.

Other problems associated with a bad Lifestyle

Heavy alcohol drinkers, chain smokers, and people who are involved in substance abuse may face problems like obesity, and the problems associated with heavy bodyweight. A stressful life, depressed mental state, and heavy workload may cause the people to become sexually less active. Such people may feel a lack of libido, infertility, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and anxiety associated with a poor sex-life. These problems may lead to a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

How can Homeopathy help get rid of lifestyle diseases?

Homeopathic medicines have the unique ability to cure health issues without posing any threats of harmful side effects on the body. Homeopathy uses medicines that are made from natural resources, like plant parts, roots, herbs, minerals, flower extracts, etc. Homeopathy works by strengthening the immunity and the vigor of the body. The treatment process in Homeopathy addresses all the problems of the body, which may or may not be associated with the active disease. It cures the body as a whole, and not only the problem, for which a person is seeking the treatment.

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