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Quality Control

In Excel Pharma, a team of well qualified and experienced personnel along with proficient homeopathic physicians have been engaged for manufacturing good quality products of Homeopathy.

We manufacture a wide range of Homeopathic potentised medicines and Homeopathic Mother Tincture and ensure that the highest quality and efficacy of every medicine is maintained. At Excel Pharma, we procure genuine raw materials, back potencies and grain based Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).

We have an analytical laboratory which is one of the most sophisticated labs, that helps to maintain high standards of quality expected by leaders in any business. Excel Pharma maintains a team of highly qualified technical staff accompanied with experts in homeopathy to constantly guide and advise on the various aspects of homeopathic manufacturing and quality control.

Quality Control Committed to Produce the Best and the Highest Quality.Our quality assurance laboratory checks the quality of all our raw materials, packing materials and the finished products. All incoming herbs and other raw materials are tested according to their pharmacopoeia requirements and standards and are compared with authentic preserved samples that are used as set samples. Latest technology is used to assure quality control.

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