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Viral Disease

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 The immunity of the human body is a powerful defense system, which helps the body fight against disease-causing microorganisms, allergic particles, and other physical problems. Especially in the case of viral infections, immunity plays a major role in healing the body.

The coughing, mucous secretion, fever, etc, are all a part of the immunity at its work. In most cases, the immunity of the body is sufficient to fight such viral diseases, but sometimes it may require specific medication.

What are Viral Diseases?

The infectious diseases caused by viruses are called viral diseases. For example – flu, common cold, viral fever, HIV, HPV, conjunctivitis, etc are a type of viral disease.

A virus is a unicellular organism, made up of a core of genetic material (DNA or RNA), enclosed within a protein covering, and always needs a host to multiply. This invasion of the virus into the host and its multiplication causes a viral disease.

The virus first attaches to a live host cell, followed by endocytosis, which is the process of entering the virus inside the host cell. After this stage, the virus opens up its genetic material inside the host cell, for multiplication. Once the DNA or the RNA is opened inside the healthy host cell, it tends to create more copies of the virus by the process of replication. After the new virus is created, they usually rupture the infected cell and start infecting new healthy cells.

Why are Viral diseases are so deadly?

Viruses have the ability to overcome the immunity of the body via different mechanisms, and hence they can not only infect a healthy body easily but can also remain there for longer periods of time until effective medicines are given to the patient to kill or neutralize the viruses. Another unique and rather deadly ability of a virus is that they can easily develop resistance to medicines so that the next time the virus is not affected by the same medicine.

Viral diseases have been the cause of one of the worst epidemics and pandemics.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV was one of the leading causes of deaths during the past two to three decades. Herpes, Varicella, Mumps, Measles, Smallpox, Chickenpox, Yellow fever, Dengue, Syphilis, Ebola, are some of the deadliest viruses of history and also the present-day world. At present, the world is facing a global pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak which started in late 2019. The medical fraternity, scientists, geneticists, virologists, doctors, and researchers are continuously and rigorously working to find a cure for Coronavirus or COVID-19, but are not reaching a desired final product – an effective medicine, against the Coronavirus, in particular. Fortunately amid the whole disaster Homeopathy has kept people safe from the life-threatening complications of the disease.

Homeopathic Treatment of Viral Diseases

Viral diseases are one of the deadliest diseases. Some viral diseases are easy to control, like the common cold and flu, while others may not be easily controlled, like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and many other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Homeopathy offers an effective mode of treatment for different viral diseases, which are hard to control or cure in the conventional system of medicines. The best thing about homeopathic medicine for a viral disease is that these medicines do not cause the viral strains to develop resistance against the medicines. The added benefits of Homeopathy is that these medicines strengthen the body’s immune system to fight against a viral disease effectively. Our range of Homeopathic medicines includes -cold and flu medicines, medicines for fever caused by viral infections, and immune-enhancer medicines. This leads us to the very fact, that Homeopathy works as effectively on even the deadliest of the diseases, like any other system of medicine. In fact, Homeopathic medicines have been more successful in treating viral diseases like dengue, and COVID-19.

Homeopathic medicines are mostly natural substances. These do not pose any threat to human health during the course of treatment. The potency and effectiveness of these medicines in fighting a viral disease is increased using the process of ‘potentization’. Single Homeopathic preparation can cover and treat a number of viral infections altogether. For an expert’s advice about a viral disease online, you can visit our contact page and get an appointment for yourself by filling up the contact form with your details. Another way is to contact us on our mobile number – +91 9216215214.

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