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Teeth specialize in breaking down complex food into smaller food particles. It facilitates digestion and is crucial for a good digestive. However, bacterial infections may cause caries or decay and weaken the teeth’ roots, which can be painful many times. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection is beneficial in keep them healthy and ensure good oral health.

The Teeth

A tooth is a hardened structure, which is made up of calcium and minerals, and are arranged in a specific sequence in our jaws. Fully developed, an average human has 32 teeth.

  • Incisors – To cut down the food into smaller fragments.
  • Canines – Specialized for tearing function.
  • Premolars (Bicuspids) – To crush the food material. There are eight premolar teeth present in the oral cavity.
  • Molars – The work of the molar teeth is grinding the food.
  • Wisdom Tooth – The wisdom teeth are a total of four in number. In many people, wisdom teeth do not break out. If these break out of the gum, the Wisdom teeth complete the 32-teeth set in an individual.
  • Any of these can get infected, leading to cavity or decay problems. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection is able to treat the infection and provide relief from pain.

    A tooth is made up of the following parts:

    • Enamel – It is the topmost and the hardest part of the tooth.
    • Dentin – Dentin is the material of which the tooth is made of.
    • Cementum – Cementum is the tissue that covers the surface of the tooth root.
    • Periodontal ligament – This is the fibrous tissue connecting the root and the alveolar bone. It acts as a shock absorber to the teeth.
    • Alveolar bone – This is the jaw bone and supports the tooth. Teeth are anchored into this bone.
    • Gingiva – Also called the gum, the Gingiva is the soft tissue covering the alveolar bone.
    • Gingival sulcus – This is the small space between the tooth and the gums.
    • Common tooth and gum diseases

      • Tooth decay – The damage to the surface of a tooth can lead to decaying or cavity. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection can stop the progression of decay.
      • Abscess – This is a pocket of pus formed due to a tooth infection. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection can heal the abscess and prevent further infecting the tissues.
      • Tooth injuries – Chipped or broken teeth are an example of tooth injuries, which may cause pain. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection can stop incidences of infection and pain.
      • Discoloration – Often, discoloration of the teeth may be due to the effect of chemicals, like excessive fluoride in drinking water, smoking, tobacco chewing, poor hygiene. Sometimes in a child, the discoloration may result from medication used by the mother during pregnancy.
      • Periodontitis or Pyorrhoea – A condition characterized by infected gums and shrunken gums, with a persistent foul odor coming from the mouth. Homeopathic antibiotics for tooth infection are able to treat Pyorrhoea.

      Why Homeopathy for tooth diseases?

      Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection is an effective solution for many tooth problems. You can get the best homeopathic medicine for toothache and tooth infections from Excel Pharma. Conventional medicines may often cause side effects due to their chemical composition. Moreover, the diseases like pyorrhea often come back, which requires effective medication. Homeopathic medicine for tooth infection can be a great alternative medicine with better results for such a case.

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