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One of the leading problems the youth and the grownup people are facing is hair fall and homeopathy medicines for hairfall are very effective in getting rid of the problem. Hairs are a part of the human integumentary system and serve the functions of homeostasis, which is the temperature regulation of the body, and also is one of the most important parts of the human body, which imparts its beauty. Due to a variety of problems, like mental stress, a competitive work environment, anxiety and depression, and other reasons, are causing untimely and excessive hair fall in people. Usually, this problem haunts the teens and young more than it does to the adults. But you get rid of the problem by buying a good Homeopathic medicine for hair fall online in India.

What is the Hair made of?

The hair is a filamentous strand growing on the body and is composed of a protein called ‘keratin’. The hair is attached to the scalp at its root, also called the hair follicle. The hair follicle is present in the ‘dermis’ area of the skin. Each strand of hair is made of three parts -the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle.

The medulla is the innermost part of the strand of hair. Cortex is the second layer, while the outermost layer is called the cuticle. The hairs have a pigment called melanin, which gives it the characteristic black color. Depending on ethnicity the amount of melanin may vary among the populations. This is the reason, we see brown hair, golden, or white hair, black hair, in different people of different countries. Hair is present almost on every part of the body, but the main area is the facial and the head hairs. Out of these two, the head hairs are what give a person its, characteristic appearance. While the women have long hairs, the men have smaller hairs, which also largely depends on the style of hair a person wants to keep. For example, a woman may go for shorter hairs, while a man may go for broods or a ponytail style. Whatever the type of hair in a person is, the hairs are always prone to mechanical and other types of damage, causing hair fall, and Homeopathy medicines for hairfall offer the best treatment option for the problem.

Common Problems of the Hair and the Scalp

Hair strands are attached to the scalp by the hair follicle – the root. The root of the hair also has sebum or oil and sweat glands present near it, which opens up their contents through the root of the hair. One of the main functions of the hair is to regulate body temperature, as the hair follicles are associated with numerous sweat and oil glands. The oil naturally serves the purpose of protecting the hair and the scalp skin from microbial infections, and shine the hair naturally. the sweat, on the other hand, keeps the head and skin of other parts of the body cool by evaporating from the skin surface and dissipating the heat away from the body. Common hair problems include, dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, androgenic alopecia, alopecia aerate, etc. The most common and serious problem is hair-fall and a good Homeopathy medicine for hairfall can effectively treat and cure the problem. Generally, a few strands of the hair fall every day, as the new hairs replace their place, but sometimes the hair fall may be uncontrolled shedding a large number of healthy hair strand daily, and frequently on combing.

Reasons for Hairfall

Hairfall may be due to a number of problems, including environmental factors, genetic factors, and as a result of chemicals and occasionally poor hygiene.

  1. Environmental factors – Environmental factors, like long term exposure to heat and sunlight, humidity, and population may induce hair fall. Humid and hot conditions may result in clogging of the hair and the sweat glands, leading to the infected scalp, which ultimately loosens the hair follicles, causing them to fall off. People living in areas, where the air quality is poor due to the presence of high quantities of pollutants in it, may cause the hair to shed frequently.
  2. Genetic Factors – Genetics play an important role in deciding what type of hair one will have, what is the color of the hair, how thin or thick are the hair strands, and how frequently and when the hair falls. People who have a family history of male pattern baldness are also prone to such a problem. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, causes the hair in the middle of the head fall, while the backside and either side of the head retain the hairs. Genetics also decides, in a person, when and in what quantities a person will shed hair.
  3. Chemicals – Chemical-based hair products may lead to the weakening of the hair follicles, and thinning of the hair strands, which is also one of the biggest reasons for hair fall in women.
  4. Poor Hygiene –This is common and the most prevalent reason for hair fall. Using a good shampoo to wash the hair and the scalp regularly, helps clean the dead cells, accumulated dust particles, microbes, fungus, and oil, etc from the head, scalp, and the hair strands, which causes the hairs to be healthy. If a person is not taking care of his hair and scalp hygiene, the same may lead to the falling of hair.

How can Homeopathy prevent and Cure the Hair fall problem?

Homeopathy medicine for hair fall treatment is one of the best, effective, and popular methods for the treatment of hair fall and related problems. Homeopathic medicines work at the root cause of the disease and address all the underlying problems within the body of the patient, which may be triggering the hair to fall. This means that Homeopathy medicine for hair fall treatment is not only helpful in treating the falling hair problem but treats the body as a whole. Homeopathic medicines are unique in their action, as they not only treat the active disease but also strengthen the immune system of the body to fight against diseases. There are many Homeopathy medicines for hairfall treatment, strengthening the hairs, and improve the overall head and scalp health. Numerous people get benefits from the Homeopathic treatment of hair fall. Hair fall may be accompanied by premature hair greying. In this case, you can get an effective Homeopathic medicine for grey/white hair. When taken with proper consultation, these medicines can address any nutritional deficiencies, thereby restoring the natural look of the hair. These can also complement the action of a Hair fall Homeopathic medicine. Another common cause of hair loss is stress or tension. Prolonged periods of stress can trigger hair fall. Getting an effective Homeopathic medicine for tension, like the E-Stress Drops (AKG-25) by Excel Pharma, can be helpful in treating the hair fall problem.

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