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What is Addiction?

Addiction refers to a brain disorder characterized by the compulsive practice of a habit or work for pleasure-seeking. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary definition, ‘addiction’ is a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly. Excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, and chewing, misuse of medicines, psychotropic drugs, etc, are some commonly noticed substance addictions around us. These may cause a person to undergo a feeling of compulsion, aggression, unrest upon the withdrawal, or unavailability of the substance.

What are the Main Reasons for Addiction?

The reasons behind the problem of addiction may be physiological, psychological, social, and a variety of other factors. For example, a person accidentally exposed to alcoholism and continuing to consume alcohol frequently and in large quantities may get addicted to it. Similarly smoking tobacco as cigarettes, Biri, smoking cannabis, or ganja, etc can also cause addiction to these substances.

People are often found to misuse certain medicines and take those for pleasure or temporary sensation of calmness. Anti allergic medicines, which induce sleep, are often misused by people as a substitute for other narcotic and psychotropic substances. Pain-killer medicines, and pain-relieving balms, etc are also used by many. The most dangerous of the addictions are the addictions of psychotropic drugs, such as cocaine and other natural and synthetic opioid drugs, like Brown Sugar, Ecstasy, and others. There are fewer good doctors who can help a patient with addiction, neither is it easy to buy Homeopathic medicine online for de-addiction in India. So what is the best way to get rid of addiction?

What are the Symptoms and Effects of Addiction?


The symptoms of addiction to any drug, alcohol, or any other substance may vary from one case to another, mainly altering the behavior and mental balance of the patient. A few most common symptoms of substance-related addictive disorders are –

  • Inability to control the use of the substance to which he/she is addicted.
  • Craving for the substance leads to restlessness, insomnia, inability to think rationally.
  • In severe cases, the patient may physically harm the people around him/her, if they are under the attack of the symptoms.
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • Increased or decreased heart rate may lead to unconsciousness.
  • The patients may seek substitutes or alternatives to the addicting substance, and it may worsen their condition.
  • Physical and mental weakness.

Effects of Addiction

  • The patients who are facing the problem of addiction often find it hard to involve in social dealings, which may lead to a social distancing by the patient.
  • Addiction directly affects the marital life, as the patient may experience a lack of sex-drive, and also the rough behavior may leave the couples sour to each other.
  • End organs of the body may be severely and badly affected due to long term addiction. Some of these complications include impairment of kidney and liver functions, weak eyesight, etc.
  • Patients suffering from addiction have higher chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, myocardial infarction, etc.
  • Ulceration in the digestive tract is common to chronic alcohol drinkers and chain smokers. Other common gastric problems may include acidity, indigestion, constipation, cramping, etc.
  • The addicts often become violent, and lose their calm easily, whenever they are craving for the substance.

Homeopathy Medicines for Addiction Problem

The Homeopathic system of medicines is the best and one of the most effective mode of treatment, which can help patients withdraw from their addictions without any trouble. Homeopathy works on the root of the problem, and are made of mostly herbs or other natural ingredients. Homeopathic medicines are not as harmful as conventional medicines may be at times and cure the disease in a health-friendly way. It’s easy now to shop from our wide range of Homeopathic medicines for de-addiction online at the best prices.

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