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Skin Diseases

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 Any ideas, which is the largest organ of the body? Yes, you guessed it right. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. The skin largely affects our outward appearance in terms of skin color, facial expressions, and other beauty parameters. Because of its superficial location, our skin is prone to a number of factors that may damage or alter the appearance or the health of our skin, and hence we need to care for the skin health as much as we do for the rest of our bodies. There are a number of beauty products, skin protection preparations, and many medicines that can keep our skin healthy, but in case of a severe skin problem, it becomes necessary, that we choose the best product and the best treatment for our skin. Homeopathy medicines for skin diseases are one such solution which is not only effective in treating a variety of skin diseases, but also improves the overall skin health, boosts immunity, and enhances its appearance.

What is the Skin made up of?

The skin is the main part of the human integument system and is composed of multiple layers of tissues, collectively called the ‘skin’. These layers are-

  • Epidermis,
  • Dermis, and
  • Subcutaneous tissues.

The skin is specialized to perform various functions other than just providing the outer covering for the body. These functions include-

  • Maintaining a stable body temperature that is homeostasis
  • providing protection to the internal body organs from foreign particles and pathogens
  • The oil secreted from the sebaceous glands of the skin aid in water-resistance of the skin.
  • The most important function of the skin is sensory perception as the skins contain the touch and temperature-sensitive and contraceptive receptors or the pain receptors which send signals to the brain about the sensations.

The skin is a rapidly renewing organ of the body, as the skin keeps on shedding the aging cells, and replacing them with new ones. Due to the same often the skin may experience irritation, inflammation, and infection caused due to certain environmental factors. During the springtime, the high quantity of allergens and other irritants in the air may cause skin allergies in patients, which in turn may cause, irritation, redness, swelling, itching, and pigmentation of the skin, and may also result in other health complications.

What type of Skin Problems need Treatment?

Due to the fact that our almost our whole body is covered externally by the skin, the number of skin problems may also be many. The answer to the question, ‘what skin diseases or problems need medical attention’ is ‘all of them!’

Common skin problems may include dryness, roughness, flakiness of the skin, itching, irritation, wounded skin, moles, allergy, pigmentation problems, etc.

Some severe skin diseases like Dermatitis, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Lupus, etc need immediate Homeopathic intervention, as it is hard to almost impossible to control such diseases with conventional medicines.

Conventional medicines and topical creams may often fail to cure several skin problems effectively, which may require the patient to get the advice of an expert Homeopathic practitioner.

How can Homeopathy help Cure Skin Diseases?

Once considered only an alternate medical system, Homeopathy is now a mainstream and widely practiced system of medicines throughout the world. Homeopathic medicines are superior in benefits, have lesser to no side effects, boost immunity, and have an additive effect on the overall health of a person. The medicines used in Homeopathy are mostly herbs, minerals, and other natural substances, which are activated to act at the root of the disease using the process of ‘potentization’. Moreover, the medicines used in Homeopathy are more acceptable to the children, due to the sweet taste of the sugar pills on which the active medicines is sprinkled.

Earlier Homeopathy was only used as a last resort when the progression of the disease was out of control, and conventional therapies were left useless. But now one can not only seek a qualified Homeopath’s advice simultaneously with other medicines but can also go for Homeopathy first hand.

Our wide range of Homeopathic medicines as branded drops and branded syrups are helpful in many skin diseases. For our expert’s advice online you can fill-up the form by going to our contact page – or can contact us using our phone number  +91 9216215214.

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