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Immunity is the capability of the body to resist harmful microorganisms. It is the body’s ability to fight infections and diseases. Our immune system can recognize and accept what belongs to the self and recognize and deny whatever is foreign. Generally, adults have stronger Immunity than children. Moreover, every individual’s immune system may be different. Today, Immunity-Boosting Homeopathic Medicines are easily available that can help you lead a normal and disease-free life.

Types of Immunity and Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicines

Human beings have three types of Immunity.

  • Innate Immunity: This is the natural immunity which human beings are born with. Our body has the Immunity to act against foreign antigens from the date of our birth. This type of immunity is formed by external barriers like the skin and mucous membranes of the gut and the throat. This immunity is the body’s general response system. However, when the body cannot act with innate immunity, the second form of immunity comes into the picture.
  • Acquired Immunity: This is the adaptive Immunity that kicks in when the body’s innate Immunity fails to act. We develop this immunity as we go through life. We build immunity against various pathogens as we are exposed to diseases or get vaccinated. The basis for this immunity is immunological memory, i.e., our immune system’s capability to remember past enemies (pathogens). It gives a specific immune response to a particular pathogen.
  • Passive Immunity: Passive Immunity is the borrowed immunity. Its best example is the antibodies a baby receives from its mother before birth. This Immunity protects the baby from infections. However, this Immunity doesn’t last long.

Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicines help protect our body from diseases. Immunization is another way that enables the body to produce antibodies, even when the body is not sick. Vaccinating children is also a type of immunization.

What Happens When the Immune System gets Weak?

A weak or disturbed immune system makes us susceptible to disease-causing microbes & prone to infections and illnesses. People with low immunity often fall ill. Moreover, they are also likely to be affected by the pandemic outbreak. So, what can you do to stay healthy and protected? Strengthen your immunity using Homeopathy along with a healthy diet.

Nevertheless, if you want a long-term solution with no side effects, Homeopathy medicine for immunity boosters remains a safe treatment option. Many health care experts recommend it. Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine can help correct low immunity & also boost your immune system.

Symptoms of Low Immunity

Following are some symptoms of low immunity:

  • Recurrent, frequent, or long-lasting infections
  • General weakness, fatigue, tiredness, etc.
  • Problems with digestion include loss of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Inflammatory diseases of internal organs such as gastritis, bowel syndromes, etc.
  • Slow healing of wounds, unhealthy skin & nails
  • Low platelet counts and other blood
    disorders, such as anemia
  • Delayed growth and development
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Genetic disorders

Homeopathic medicine for Immunity Booster can act as both preventive and curative medicine.

Where to get the best Homeopathic Immunity Boosting Medicines?

Excel Pharma offers the best Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicines.

E-Immune Drops (AKG 12) – E-Immune Drops is a good Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicine. It builds the body’s Immunity against infectious diseases, flu, recurrent colds, nervous stress, and recurrent disease conditions.

E-Alfa Ginseng Tonic (AKG 30)– E-Alfa Ginseng Tonic is a Homeopathic medicine that helps the body to recover from weakness, poor appetite, and general debility. It is also quite effective in the conditions of emaciation and prostration, sleeplessness, mental exhaustion, etc.

E-Alfa Tonic Sugar-Free (AKG 31) – E-Alfa Tonic helps with loss of appetite, weakness, nervous exhaustion, anemia, anxiety, digestion problems, general debility, sleeplessness, overwork, worry, etc. It is a sugar-free option for diabetics.

E-Alfa Paediatrics (AKG 56) – E-Alfa Paediatrics is an effective growth supplement for growing children that improves digestion, appetite, and assimilating food. It also strengthens the body’s Immunity and improves the mind’s concentration. It also works as an excellent Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine For Child.

E-5 Phos Syrup (AKG 37)– E-Phos Syrup is an effective homeopathic medicine that helps correct debility and impaired memory. It is also effective in toning up the nervous & circulatory systems and building up healthy bones.

E-Purify Syrup (AKG 43) – E-Purify Syrup is a powerful Homeopathic blood purifier from Excel Pharma. It purifies the blood of toxins and helps enhance the Immunity of the body to fight against seasonal infections by upgrading the body’s Immunity.

You can get an appointment booked with our experts for recommendations on helpful Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine. We are reachable at +91 9815567678 for calls and at support@excelpharma.co.in for emails.

The current time demands Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicines, considering the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on human life. An immune body can protect you from viral infections and enable quick recovery from the disease in case the infection has already occurred.

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