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AKG-31E-Alfa Tonic Sugar Free Syrup

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E-Alfa Tonic Sugar-Free is a great health tonic for diabetic and diet-conscious people. It helps invigorate the body and the mind with new energy, addressing any underlying weaknesses without causing the risk of hyperglycemia (high glucose levels in the blood). It is especially beneficial in people with more than average weight, people who are at high risk of diabetes, and the elderly.

AKG-31 or E-Alfa Tonic Sugar Free is Homeopathic sugar-free health tonic formulation for diabetes and weight conscious people. It is a sugar free health syrup which influences nutrition, stimulates physical and mental activity, thus helping in overcoming nervous exhaustion, stress, tension, body pains, neuralgia, and general weakness.

AKG-31 is a Homeopathic sugar free syrup which contains Phosphoric acid, useful for mental and physical debility in young people, who grow rapidly and are overstressed. It is also useful in people who are exposed to acute diseases, excessive grief, loss of vital fluids, etc.

Alfalfa influences nutrition by toning up the appetite and digestion resulting in improved mental dan physical vigor with gain in weight. Disorders characterized by malnutrition like neurasthenia, nervousness, insomnia, nervous indigestion comes in the range. It acts as a fat producer and corrects tissue waste.

Avena sativa has a selective action on brain and the nervous system favorably influencing their nutritive function. It may be the best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. It may be helpful in nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, alcoholism, sleeplessness, and various nervous states of many female disorders.

Cinchona is a well-known remedy for debility, weakness, and loss of appetite from exhausting discharges after violent diseases. It also helps in gastric disturbances like anorexia, flatulence, belching, may or may not be associated with organ dysfunction.

Cinnamomum is a useful remedy for Haemorrhages, like nose-bleed, Haemoptysis, Hemorrhages from Bowels in fever patients with language circulation. May or may not be associated with flatulence and diarrhoea.

Hydrastis Canadensis has a wide range of actions on the body, ranging from weak muscular power, poor digestion, obstinate constipation, emaciation, and prostration.

Kali Arsenicum is a recommended remedy for restlessness, nervousness and anaemia.

Nux Vomica is the first remedy indicating after much dosing, establishing a sort of balancing and equilibrium of forces and counteracting the chronic effects. It may be helpful in mental and physical afflictions, rising out of mental strains, sedentary life, prolonged office hours, over study, business cares, and anxiety, overindulgence in sex, high fat foods, stimulants, like coffee, tobacco, and wine, leading to irritability, indigestion, nervousness, portal, congestion, and hypochondriac states associated with lethargic feeling with great debility.

AKG-31 or E-Alfa Sugar Free is a Homeopathic sugar-free health syrup for adults for general physical and mental health, especially for people living with high physical and mental stress who are diabetic or weight conscious avoiding sugar intake.


It may be effective in weakness, nervous exhaustion, loss of appetite, worry and overwork, sleeplessness, fatigue, anaemia, loss of memory, anxiety, general debility, weakness of digestion etc.



Adults – 2 Tablespoon 3 to 5 times a day with or without water.
Children – 2 Teaspoon 3 to 5 times a day with or without water.
or as advised by the PHYSICIAN.


  • Always read the label
  • Follow the direction for use
  • If symptoms persist, change or worsen talk to your medical or health consultant
  • If you have any pre existing conditions or are on any medication always talk to your medical or health consultant before use

4 reviews for E-Alfa Tonic Sugar Free Syrup

  1. Garry Rai (verified owner)

    Best Homeopathic tonic for physical and mental weakness for diabetic patients. It actively fights the problems of physical weakness, mental exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

  2. Happy Dhaliwal (verified owner)

    The best Sugar free health tonic for sugar patients.

  3. Vivek Sharma (verified owner)

    100% safe and effective health tonic for diabetes patients.

  4. Shekhar Mahajan (verified owner)

    An effective Homeopathic tonic for physical and mental health. It’s a sugar free option, so it’s also good for the elderly, especially, if they are diabetic and searching for a sugar free option.

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