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AKG-60E-Fever Drops (30ml)

(4 customer reviews)


An effective Homeopathic medicine for all types of fevers including dengue, malaria and typhoid. Beneficial for all age groups including children, the elderly, and others associated with or without symptoms of cold, chills, coryza, sneezing, cough, body pains, and more. It simultaneously enhances the body’s immunity against infectious diseases and prevents the children from getting frequent fevers. E-Fever Drops, besides treating the fever, also enhances physical strength and activity.


E-Fever Drops may be helpful in fevers, including dengue and fevers associated with cold, coryza, sneezing, cough, & body aches.


Eupaorium Perfoliatum 3X HPI0.1 ml
Baptisia Tinctoria 3X HPI0.1 ml
Ferrum Phosphoricum 8X HPI0.1 ml
Gelsemium Sempervirens 3X HPI0.1 ml
Cedron 3X HPI0.1 ml
Arsenicum Album 6X HPI0.1 ml
Bryonia Album 3X HPI0.1 ml
Bryonia Album 3X HPI0.1 ml
Belladonna 3X HPI0.1 ml
Echinacea Angustifolia 3X HPI0.1 ml
Veratrum Album 3X HPI0.1 ml

Adults – 15-20 drops in half cup of water 3 to 5 Times a day.
Children – 10-15 drops in half cup of water 3 to 5 Times a day.
or as advised by the PHYSICIAN.


  • Always read the label
  • Follow the direction for use
  • If symptoms persist, change or worsen talk to your medical or health consultant
  • If you have any pre existing conditions or are on any medication always talk to your medical or health consultant before use

4 reviews for E-Fever Drops (30ml)

  1. chavvidewan (verified owner)

    100 % Satisfied with the results of E-Fever Drops. My daughter suffers from a weak immunity, which frequently got her fevers due to a variety of reasons. E-Fever Drops not just helped her get rid of the fever problem, but made her immunity strong. I also combined E-Immune Drops with E-Fever Drops on recommendation of the doctor. Now she goes out to play, comes back, and still healthy and active.

  2. Harjot Dhiman (verified owner)

    Best Homeopathic medicine for fever and chills in children. I got E-Fever Drops, E-Allergy and E-Immune Drops for my kids. These help them stay healthy and infection free. E-Fever Drops provide immediate relief from fevers and this is the best part. I keep these medicines with me everywhere we go.

  3. Anika Ahluwalia (verified owner)

    E-Fever Drops are the best. Highly recommended.

  4. Pritam Aulakh (verified owner)

    My 10 year old son was always sick. Most of the time, he has played outside with friends, he would sleep at night and get high fever during the night. We were so worried about him, and got him to many doctors. Still the problem would come back again and again. Finally, I started giving him E-Fever Drops and continued doing so, for some time.. Now he is completely fine, and did not get another fever attack in months. I highly recommend this Homeopathic medicine to parents, whose children are suffering from fever problems and weak immunity. Also consider giving them E-Immune Drops. You can buy these medicines online.

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