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Obesity is a common problem associated with excess body fat. It usually occurs when the body gains more calories than it burns by daily activities or physical exercises. It is not just a problem on the surface but can lead to other medical and health issues, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems.

Homeopathy is one of the best solutions for obesity. Homeopathic medicines for weight-loss are available these days to manage the problem of obesity.

How do we know when to use Homeopathic Medicines for Weight-Loss to manage Obesity?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to determine the weight of a body. The BMI is used to determine the status of the weight of a body using the following parameters:

  • Underweight – If the BMI is less than 18.5
  • Normal – If the BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9
  • Overweight – If the BMI is between 25 and 29.9
  • Obesity – If the BMI is 30.0 or higher

BMI provides an estimate of body fat. However, it is not always a direct measure of body fat. Some sports persons fall in the category of obesity as per the BMI but do not have excess body fat.

Homeopathic medicines for weight-loss are highly efficacious in managing obesity, as it causes no side-effects on the body.

What makes us Obese?

Obesity is a condition that might occur due to a lot of conditions. The good news is that the problem of obesity is manageable in Homeopathy using effective Homeopathic medicines for weight loss.Some of the underlying conditions are:

  • Genetic – The body fat depends on the genes you inherit from your parents. There is a tendency that obesity runs in the family, as the family doesn’t only share the genes, but also eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle – Eating habits, lack of physical exercise, inactivity, sedentary job, etc., can lead to obesity. The present-day lifestyle for most of us involves hours of sitting in front of computer/mobile screens. These factors greatly contribute to weight gain and obesity.
  • Age Factor – Obesity can occur in any age group. However, the risk of obesity increases with age and/or the resultant hormonal changes in the body.
  • Medications – Medications like anti-depressants, steroids, anti-psychotic medications, diabetes medications, etc., can also lead to obesity if not compensated through physical activity or diet.
  • Medical Problems – Various medical problems can also directly/indirectly lead to obesity. Problems like arthritis indirectly lead to obesity as the movement and activity of the person becomes significantly limited. Obesity might also result from medical problems like Cushing syndrome.
  • Thyroid Disease – A person suffering from Hypothyroidism can gain significant weight. Using Homeopathy For Hypothyroidism treatment can help treat the problem of Hypothyroidism and ultimately put a check on your weight gain caused by Hypothyroidism.
  • Diet – Eating habits form one of the core reasons for obesity. A high-calorie diet or a diet lacking enough green vegetables and fruits leads to obesity. Even drinking high-calorie liquids like soft drinks can cause obesity.
  • Lack of Sleep – Not getting enough sleep might also result in obesity. Lack of enough sleep results in hormonal changes that enhance your appetite, making you eat food high in calories.
  • Pregnancy – Weight gain and obesity are common after pregnancy.
  • Smoking De-Addiction – Weight gain occurs when people try to quit smoking. It may also lead to obesity.

Where to Get the Best and Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Weight-Loss?

Excel Pharma is one of the leading providers of high-efficacy Homeopathic medicines for weight-loss and obesity-management in India.
You can buy effective Homeopathy medicine for weight-loss on our website.

E-Alfa Tonic Sugar Free (AKG 31) – E-Alfa Tonic Sugar Free is an Excel Pharma Homeopathic medicine that acts as a tonic for general health. It is suitable for sleeplessness, loss of appetite, weakness, general debility, memory loss, overwork, stress, fatigue, anxiety, anemia, exhaustion, etc. It is an excellent additive for Homeopathic management of obesity.

E-Constipation Drops (AKG 04) – E-Constipation Drops is a powerful and effective Homeopathic medicine for promoting weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight in the obese people. It is helpful in acute constipation, unsatisfactory stool, passing the stool with difficulty, gastric problems, etc.
E-Liver Drops (AKG 14) – E-Liver Drops helps in general health and the normal functioning of the liver. It acts as a tonic to aid in problems like indigestion, vomiting, appetite loss, impacts of alcohol, jaundice, gall stone, pain in the liver, etc.

E-Liver Syrup (AKG 40) – E-Liver Syrup is a Homeopathic medicine for fatty Liver. It helps in restoring the normal functioning of the liver, loss of appetite, fatty degeneration of the liver, gallstone colic, impact on the liver due to alcohol consumption or fatty foods, jaundice, continuous vomiting, or nausea.

E-Slim Drops (AKG 23) – E-Slim Drops is a Homeopathic medicine for obesity, facilitating weight-loss in case of post-natal weight gain. It is useful in reducing weight and for increasing the metabolism of the body.

E-Thyroide Drops (AKG 53) – The thyroid gland and thyroxine hormone play a vital function in our body. Increased or decreased activity of the thyroid gland and; increased or decreased release of thyroxine can result in obesity of the body. E-Thyroid Drops helps the thyroid gland perform its function normally, and hence it is a useful Homeopathic medicine for weight-loss.

These Homeopathic medicines for weight-loss are very useful in keeping your body slim and healthy. However, it is recommended that they should be taken only after consulting a Homeopathic practitioner. You can also get telephonic consultation with a homeopathic doctor booked through our website.

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