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Human beings are sophisticated beings and so is the human brain. The brain controls all the voluntary and involuntary functions of the body, through a variety of complex mechanisms. During the resting state of the body, the human brain consumes about 20% of the total energy of the body.

For such biological machinery to keep working efficiently, it is important to get timely and adequate rest. The human brain relaxes in form of sleep. But in many cases, a person’s regular sleep may be hindered. There are a number of medicine options for sleep. Homeopathic Medicine for sleep disorder is one of the best and most effective options.

How do Sleep Cycles work?

Sleep, in itself, is a complex mechanism and constitutes of different sleep cycles. These can be understood as following:

NREM (Non-REM) Sleep – It has 3 sleep stages. These three stages of sleep gradually deepen and can be understood as –

  • Light Sleep Stage
  • Restful sleep Stage and
  • Deep Sleep

REM Sleep – The word REM is the abbreviation for ‘Rapid Eye Movement’. as the name suggests, in this stage, there are rapid eye movements. In this stage, the person dreams, and the restoration of the brain functions occur, and body functions are restored back to move.

Each Sleep cycle takes up approximately 90 minutes, and the cycles keep on repeating. A disturbance in the regularity of these stages and the sleep cycles result in sleep disorders and can be cured with effective Homeopathic medicines.

What are some of the most common sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders can manifest in many different ways. The following are some of the most common sleep disorders:

Insomnia – Insomnia is simply a condition, where the person is unable to sleep due to anxiety, stress, and other health problems. Insomnia, itself, can be an indication of an underlying health condition, like depression, lack of concentration, etc.

Sleep Apnea –Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, in which the person’s breathing may be temporarily paused. It not only devoid the body of adequate oxygen intake, but the overall sleep may be disturbed and the person may wake up again and again.

Parasomnia- Parasomnia, is in fact, a number of sleep disorders in which there are abnormal body movements in the sleep. Some of these disorders include

  • Sleepwalking
  • Talking while asleep
  • Nightmares
  • Bedwetting
  • Grinding the teeth or clenching of the jaws, etc.

Narcolepsy – In this condition, the person may fall asleep suddenly. It may be due to extreme tiredness or exhaustion.

Restless Leg Syndrome As the name suggests, the person suffering from this condition may feel frequent urges to move the legs. It can be associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Having a sound sleep is very important, as it helps the mind and the body to get relaxed and regain a healthy state for functioning. Sleep disorders can be deteriorating to your overall health. The good news is, Homeopathic Medicine for sleep disorder can effectively treat and cure the problem.

Where to get the best and effective Homeopathy Medicine for Sleep Disorders?

In India, we, at Excel Pharma, are providing effective Homeopathic Medicines for sleep disorder. We are one of the leading providers of high-quality Homeopathy medicine for disorders of sleep and other diseases.

You can buy a Homeopathic medicine for sleep disorder online from our website.

E-Stress Drops (AKG 25) – E-Stress drops is one of our branded Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders, by addressing the problems of underlying stress, anxiety, and depression. It is an effective remedy for calming the brain and is helpful in inducing the maintaining sleep. Homeopathic Medicine For Tension or stress can be the best approach to addressing sleep problems.

E-Alfa Ginseng Tonic (AKG 30) – E-Alpha Ginseng syrup is a powerful brain tonic, and is helpful in restoring the vitality of the brain. It is also helpful in relieving the body from exhaustion and is a great Homeopathy medicine for sleep disorders.

E-5 Phos Syrup (AKG 37) – E-5 Phos syrup is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of sleep disorders. It is a general brain and health tonic. It strengthens the bones and relaxes the stressed muscles. One of the most prominent actions of E-5 Phos syrup is toning up the nerves and their coordination. For a relaxed mind and a good sleep E-5, Phos Syrup is one of the drugs of choice.

E-Immune Drops (AKG 12) – E-Immune drops are a powerful Immunity Booster Homeopathy Medicine. It helps by strengthening the immunity, and actively tackle infections, diseases, and other health problems. Besides keeping the body and the mind in a healthy state for sound sleep, E-Immune drops also help relieve the mental-stress directly.

These medicines are highly effective, but should not be taken as such or by yourself. Homeopathic medicines are best indicated in a health problem when taken with the consultation of an expert Homeopathic practitioner. It should be the sole task of your consultant/doctor to decide the right medicine for you. If you are suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, you can call us on our number +91 9216215214 and get a telephonic consultation with our experts.

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