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E-VET NO. 22E-Fibrosis Drops


E-Fibrosis Drops offer an effective treatment for Broses & Hardness Of Udder/Teats. It helps to treat the problem of clots or pus in milk and offers superior relief from conditions like shrinkage of udder and reduction in milk production.



E-Fibrosis Drops may be effective in Fibrosis & hardness of udder/ teats, clots or pus in milk, shrinkage of udder, and reduced milk.


Silicea 200 Hpi 1.0ml
Calacarea Flourica 200c Hpi 1.0ml
Phytolacca Dioca 200c Hpi 1.5ml
Conium Maculatum 200c Hpi .05ml
Phosphorus 30c Hpi 0.5ml
Carbo Animalis 30c Hpi 0.5ml
Alcohol Content 91%V/V

20 Drops daily on a piece of roti 3 times a day one hour before or after meals.


  • Always read the label.
  • Follow the direction for use.
  • If symptoms persist, change or worsen talk to your veterinary consultant.


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