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E-VET NO. 18E-Skin Drops


E-Skin Drops is a great Homeopathic medicine for skin problems in cattle and the pets. It helps treat dry skin problem, itching, boils, hair fall, suppuration of wounds and various other skin problems. It helps the pets and the cattle from frequently scratching themselves from intense itching problem preventing them from other skin infection caused due to open wounds.


It may be helpful in treating problems, like itching, boils, dry skin, hair fall, suppuration of wounds & other skin diseases of the animals.


Sulphur 200 HPI
Thuja 30 HPI
Graphite 200 HPI
Psorinum 200 HPI
Ferum phos 30 HPI
In Equal Proportion

20 drops daily on a piece of roti 3 times a day one hour before or after meals.


  • Always read the label.
  • Follow the direction for use.
  • If symptoms persist, change or worsen talk to your veterinary consultant.


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Disclaimer: This information is for the use of Registered Medical Practitioners and not to be used for Medico-Legal purposes. Before taking medicine, please refer to precautions.

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