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E-VET NO.26E-Poul Gro Drops


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E-Poul Gro Drops may be a great Homeopathy medicine for Poultry and may help poultry owners in surprising ways. First, it helps the chicks to grow naturally. Second, it may help promote the digestive health of poultry birds. Finally, it may help promote the immunity of the poultry birds and thus promotes a healthy growth disease-free.

More and more people are turning to the poultry industry for their incomes. With great opportunity also comes great risks. The main risk has always been to keep poultry diseases away from their hatchery/farm for poultry owners. Poultry birds that including chickens, ducks, etc., are always easy targets of avian diseases. Since a poultry farm can have thousands to even tens of thousands of birds at a given time, the spread of a poultry disease is almost instantaneous, often causing great loss to the owner. You can buy a Homeopathy medicine for poultry diseases online and keep your profits intact.

Homeopathy for Chickens and other poultry birds is effective and safe, not deteriorating the product quality. It means you always get quality and chemical-free eggs and meat.

Common Poultry Diseases

The following are some of the most common poultry diseases your farm may be at risk of:

  1. Fowl Cholera – Fowl Cholera is caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. It is a common poultry disease and may be characterized by symptoms like diarrhea (often greenish), ruffled feathers, swollen joints and combs, oral discharge, discharge from the nostrils. Fowl cholera is among the top causes of death of poultry birds and can be prevented using Homeopathy medicine for poultry.
  2. Coccidiosis – Certain protozoa are responsible for this disease in chickens. Coccidiosis usually affects the chicken up to the first twelve weeks of life. Prominent symptoms include diarrhea, ruffled feathers, swollen combs, often leading to severe dehydration and poor nutrient absorption. Homeopathy medicine for poultry can treat this problem effectively.
  3. Avian influenza – Commonly known as Bird Flu, Avian influenza is caused by two common strains of influenza virus – H5N1 and H7N9. Because other wild and infected birds can easily mingle with or contact the poultry birds, the latter can catch the flu and spread it rapidly in the flock. Homeopathy for chickens is effective against this disease.
  4. Fowl pox – The Avipoxvirus is responsible for Fowl Pox, also called the Avian Pox. Warts are found on the wattles and combs of the infected birds, often hardening within 12-14 days.
  5. Ranikhet– Newcastle Disease or the Avian pneumoencephalitis is caused by a specific viral strain called the Avian Paraymyxovirus serotype-1 or PMV-1. It can spread very fast and needs effective Homeopathy medicine for poultry.
  6. Salmonellosis – A Gram-negative bacteria (Salmonella) is responsible for this poultry disease. It may result in diarrhea, loss of appetite, ruffled feathers, and other symptoms.
  7. Fowl Coryza – Fowl Coryza in the chicken and the poultry birds is the result of bacterial infection. It can cause sticky discharge from the eyes and the nostrils, shaky head, difficulty in breathing, odorous dropping, foul-smelling feathers.

Besides these, worm and parasitic infestation remain to be another common cause of poultry diseases. Worms and parasite problems are easily treated using Poultry Homeopathic Medicines. The success of a poultry business lies in the health of the chickens or other poultry birds, and what better way to take care of them than Homeopathy Medicine for Poultry. They are as effective as regular medicines and even better. Moreover, the quality of meat and eggs remains intact due to the chemical-free composition of Poultry Homeopathic Medicines Online.

Buy the Best Homeopathy Medicine for Poultry at Excel Pharma

Excel Pharma is offering some of the best Homeopathy medicines for poultry in India. You can discuss your poultry-related problems with our experts and order the best-suited Homeopathy medicine for poultry diseases. Contact us today at (+91) 9815567678.

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E-Poul Gro Drops may help the chicks to grow naturally & disease-free by promoting the immune system & digestion.


Alfafa 30c0.5ml
Calc Phos 30c1.0ml
Ferrum Phos 30c1.0ml
Cinchona Officinalis 30c1.25ml
Kali Phos 30c0.75ml
Alcohol Content90%

Dosage 20 Drops in Water 3-4 times daily.


  • Always read the label.
  • Follow the direction for use.
  • If symptoms persist, change or worsen talk to your veterinary consultant.

1 review for E-Poul Gro Drops

  1. Manjeet Singh (verified owner)

    Ande ka utpaadan kam hone ke kaaran mujhe apane poultry vyavasaay mein bhari nukasaan ka samana karana pad raha tha. Kai tareeke aazamae lekin kuchh kaam nahin aaya. Aakhirakaar mainne doctor Anu Kant ji se discuss kia or unhonne mujhe yeh e-poul gro dava dene ko kaha. Maine ise apni murgio ko dena shuru kar diya aur lagabhag 2-3 saptaah mein ande ka utpaadan saamaany aur adhik ho gaya.

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