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Dr. Anukant Goyal, MD of Excel Pharma, Felicitated Dr. Balihar Singh on his new role as HOD of Punjab Homeopathic Department!

Director of Excel Pharma, Dr. Anukant Goel, honored Dr. Balihar Singh, Joint Director of Homeopathy, on being appointed as H.O.D. (Head of Department) of Punjab Homeopathic Department. Dr. Anukant also thanked the Punjab Government and extended his heartfelt wishes to Dr. Balihar for a happy future in Homeopathy.

 The newly appointed Dr. Balihar Singh, while describing his progress as a blessing of God, vowed to make every effort to expand and advance the status of Homeopathy in Punjab. Despite the odds, a huge crowd acknowledges the effectiveness of Homeopathy in treating diseases. Conventional medicine, they feel, is failing. According to him, a Homeopathic college is soon to open in Punjab, for which preparations are being made at the ground level.





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