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Free Homeopathic Camp by Excel Pharma on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s Death Anniversary

On the 179th death anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on 2nd July 2022, Dr. Anu Kant Goyal, MD of Excel Pharma, organized a Medical Camp outside the manufacturing unit of Excel Pharma. On this occasion, Dr. Anu Kant Goyal made people aware of Homeopathy. He examined more than 150 patients and handed out free medicines. Moreover, he spread awareness about the benefits of Homeopathy in treating diseases and also mentioned Homeopathic medicines cure the disease by correcting the patient’s immune system without any side effects. Despite this, he also addressed the patients, mentioning his commitment to promoting and advancing Homeopathy. Furthermore, he plans to conduct more free medical camps in the near future.



होम्योपैथी पद्धति के जनक डॉक्टर हैनिमन की पुण्यतिथि पर मेडिकल कैंप का आयोजन
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