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Piles is caused by inflamed and swollen hemorrhoidal veins in the rectum. When applied pressure to pass the stools, piles can cause bleeding. Piles is accompanied by other problems like general discomfort, itching, and sometimes pain in the affected area. Discomfort is usually felt during bowel movements or while sitting. Pregnancy, obesity, or straining during bowel movements are some of the common causes of this problem. However, Homeopathy For Piles treatment is a time-tested approach, and thousands of patients get to benefit from Homeopathic medicines for Piles problem every year. Constipation is one such digestive problem, which is becoming increasingly common in people. Long-term constipation can result in problems like piles. Getting a Homeopathic Medicine For Constipation treatment can address the problem effectively and prevent long-term complications.

In many cases, piles are cured without any treatment and go away in a few days. However, in some cases, they can last for days or years. Homeopathic medicines can be used for piles treatment. Piles can impact males or females of any age.

Categorization of Piles

Homeopathy for Piles is effective in treating all types of Piles. However, it’s first important to understand the types. There are two main categories of piles:

  • Internal Piles: Internal piles infect the inside of the anal canal. However, they also come out of the anus, according to which they are further categorized into four degrees
    1. First Degree – They do not come out of the anus. Bleeding might occur.
    2. Second Degree – They only come out during bowel movement and then go back inside.
    3. Third Degree – They come out and can be pushed back inside.
    4. Fourth Degree – Portion of them is outside the anus and cannot be pushed back inside; swelling can also occur, resulting in extreme pain if blood clots are formed.
  • External Piles: These occur below the anal canal, near the anus. These can be painful if blood clotting happens within the lump.

Homeopathic Medicine for Piles Treatment

Homeopathy for piles treatment is known to provide better results and sustained relief. Moreover, using Homeopathic medicine for piles along with following some of the following tips can offer great results in the condition.

  • Avoid Scratching – The skin should not be scratched as it would only make the condition worse.
  • Drink a lot of Liquid – Drinking a lot of water and other fluids help in this situation. Also, when the body remains hydrated, conditions like constipation can be prevented.
  • Use Cotton Clothing – Wearing of soft, cotton, and loose underwear is recommended.
  • Warm Water – Bathing in warm water may help with pain and itching.
  • Consume a high-fiber Diet – A high fiber diet is recommended as it acts as a stool softener. You should take a diet which includes vegetables, legumes, fruits, seeds, etc.
  • Other Precautions – Other precautions like ice packs & stool softeners are also useful if used at the place of infection.
  • Homeopathic Medicine for Piles – The world is slowly shifting its focus towards homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine is regarded as the best alternative treatment for piles. It is economical, safe (without side-effects), and effective in the treatment of bleeding piles. You can buy the best Homeopathic medicine for Piles from Excel Pharma. Order now or contact us using the details provided on our website.

What do Piles look like?

Piles commonly appear as lumps inside and around the anus. Usually, more than one swollen haemorrhoids appear at the same time. There are two types of piles that can be treated with homeopathic medicines-

  1. Thrombosed Haemorrhoids – It appears as a lump at the verge of the anus. It protrudes from the anus. Due to the blood clot formed inside the blood vessel, it is dark blue in color.
  2. Non-thrombosed Haemorrhoids – It appears like a rubbery lump.

Where to Get the Best and Effective Homeopathy Medicine for Piles?

Homeopathy for piles can be the best option for a patient. Excel Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and effective homeopathic medicines in India for piles.

You can buy homeopathy medicine for piles through our website.

E-Piles Drops (AKG 17) – E-Piles Drops is a branded Excel Pharma Homeopathic medicine for piles. It is useful for all types of piles, including anal fissures & fistula, itching & bleeding, soreness of the rectum, problems arising from internal piles, etc.

E-Liver Drops (AKG 14) – E-Liver Drops helps in general health and normal functioning of the liver. It acts as a tonic to help in problems like indigestion, vomiting, appetite loss, impacts of alcohol, jaundice, gall stone, pain in the liver, etc.

These medicines are very effective but should be taken only after consulting a Homeopathic practitioner. Only the doctor should decide the required medicine for you. You can also get telephonic advice from our experts if you suffer from piles by calling us at +91 9216215214.

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